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What is UNITY?

Unity is a positive, practical approach to spiritual growth. Unity is an open-ended faith, and Unity’s teachings are signposts which point the way to Truth that must ultimately be found within yourself and for yourself. We have no fixed creed and look to Jesus Christ as our “Way-Shower”. We use the Bible as our basic text, applying its teaching stories to everyday life rather than taking it literally.  Unity welcomes all people and honors all spiritual paths.

We believe that there is one Presence and Power in the universe, a spiritual energy that we call God. We believe that just as God is Spirit, so we too are spiritual beings sharing the adventure of human experience. In truth, we are one---one with each other and with all of life, because all of life is an integral part of the energy that is God.

We believe that God is present within us, seeking to express through us, as what we call the Christ within, and we recognize Jesus Christ as a perfect demonstration of our own potential. Jesus shows us what we can achieve in terms of healing, abundance, love, and peace. He calls us to follow his example, to apply the same spiritual power within ourselves that he expresses. That spiritual growth is the purpose of life.   

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